After a year in the pressure pot, you have earned a hot seat in…

9am – 5pm
Dresscode: Comfy


Southern Smoke: BBQ pulled pork cooked overnight in the pizza oven, fresh red onion, jalapeño atchar, baby spinach

Chicken and Mushroom: Smoked chicken, pesto, mushroom

The Go-To: Bacon, avo, feta

Grilled Sandwich

Choose your bread: seeded Fundi health, Yoli’s sourdough, 60% Rye, or white; served with skinny fries or side salad

Beef fillet, brie, onion marmalade
Roast Chicken, Mayo, Gherkin


Served with garden greens, cucumber, tomatoes, homemade mixed sprouts

Cajun Spiced Chicken: With Halloumi, avo and bacon

Beef Fillet: Beef fillet, brie, onion marmalade, fried capers

Smoked Chicken: With feta, rosemary & pineapple chutney, toasted pumpkin seeds


With sweet potato crisps, skinny fries, or salad

Midlands Beef: 180g Dargle Valley beef patty, cheddar sauce, crispy bacon, Fundi onion marmalade, lettuce, tomato, gherkin

Chicken: Nacho crumbed chicken breast, jalapeño atchar, smashed avo, lettuce, tomato, spiced mayo